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27 May 2013

Laboratory medicine deals with the analysis and training programs of the molecular systems of human illness. Texila American University performs research and instructs system related laboratory techniques and manages students in MMSc program. The university also offers educational research that motivates the students to get interacted with the physicians, researchers and individuals. As a result the students can learn about the findings in primary and clinical analysis. Texila American University offers a...

13 May 2013

The Master of Medical science in Clinical Trials is a distinctive course, useful for the doctors and other professionals, to gain more knowledge relevant to this field and become expertise to lead and conduct clinical trials. The Texila American University offers this MMSc program and is specifically targeted on medical design and research technique.

What the students learn?

After completing this program in TAU, the students will have a deep understanding of clinical trials as well as apply their...

26 Mar 2012