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26 Mar 2012
  1. Can you manage time effectively? As previously stated, online education offers great flexibility. Some students do have a challenge though in completing the course work on schedule. If you’re not good at time management and can’t force yourself to work when there isn’t anyone pressuring you, then the online environment may not be the best option. The flexibility of an online degree is great though, and something very valuable to consider. You could read an assigned chapter during your lunch break, or take a test after you put the kids to bed. There are ways to manage both a busy life and school schedule.
  2. Do you prefer to take time to respond thoughtfully to issues? Master of Public health A great benefit to learning online is that it allows students to take time to reflect on new material. This can be an advantage over classroom learning, where you’re supposed to formulate an opinion almost immediately. Online learning allows you to have a thoughtful process when considering coursework and test material.
  3. Are you comfortable with communicating through writing? Master of Public health will require you to do most of your communication through writing. Correspondence with both classmates and professors will be done almost completely through writing. Online discussion groups and essays will be required for your MPH program. If you do not feel like you’re a strong writer or that you would prefer to communicate through talking, you should consider an online degree more carefully.
  4. Are you open to using computers and new technology? Most online programs use commonplace technology. They also have tech support that can help you 24/7. Even so, if you absolutely hate using computers and the Internet, then online learning may be a challenge. Some programs explore podcasting, email, discussion boards, and video chat. Consider ramping up your comfort level with technology before enrolling. Once you’ve got basic computer skills, the rest should come easily.


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