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05 Oct 2010

ALLTERE offers fantastic and excellent academic programs in China, Philippines & India. I would be very happy to provide you the details about the referral bonus scheme we are offering this year for the students. About ALLTERE: ALLTERE has its registered office in Hong Kong and operational regional offices in India [Asian markets], China [Far East], Malaysia [South East Asia], Mauritius [African Markets] and USA [North American markets]. Lebanon [Middle East & North Africa]. ALLTER works with a network of associates in over 25 countries {In Asia, Africa, Middle East, North America} working for all programs of ALLTERE. ALLTERE also works in the field of Medical education, Engineering Education, Business and Management Studies, Language and Internships programs in China and establishments of new academic programs in China and Philippines. ALLTERE –Global partner offers exclusive and wonderful programs for China, Philippines and India. ALLTERE – ACADEMIC PROGRAM IN Philippines, China and India Philippines China India Engineering MBBS Bachelors of Technology Bachelors in Management Masters in Medicine Masters degree Arts & Hospitality Bachelors in Arts & Business PG Diploma courses Bachelors in Engineering Faculty of Education Bachelors in science & technology Research programs Masters in Engineering Masters in Administration & Public health Doctoral Programs in Engineering & others Doctoral Programs(specializations) :Mechanical Manufacture and Automation, Mechatronics Engineering, Mechanical Design and Theory, Materials Processing Engineering, Nanoscience and Technology, Engineering Thermo physics, Thermal Power Engineering, Power System and Automation, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology, Communication and Information Systems, Control Science and Engineering, Computer Systems Organization, Computer Software and Theory, Computer Applied Technology, Optical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering and Hydro-Power Engineering You would be visualizing your dream career and studying in a reputed university abroad. It could be that because of the expenses of tuition and living you are not able to realize your dream. We, at ALLTERE, understand your feelings and are now bringing you a scheme by which you can realize your dream. How can you earn while you learn? You can get ATTRACTIVE COMMISSION for every student you refer. It is through our student reference scheme. 1. For the students you refer you get 100$ per student after the student pays the full charges. 2. This offer is applicable only for the current academic intake: Philippines : November China : September India : June/July For further queries please feel free to write to us. Look forward hearing from you soon. For Further Information,Please visit