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30 Mar 2010
Medical Program: Study Medicine in CHINA from Zhengzhou University. MBBS in China in Zhengzhou University is regulated by Ministry of Education in CHINA. Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) program is taught in English in CHINA English taught Doctors of Dental Surgery / Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) is regulated by Ministry of education. Bachelors in Nursing is taught in Zhengzhou University, CHINA Bachelors in Pharmacy is taught in Zhengzhou University, CHINA About Zhengzhou University: A national “211 project” key university co-built by the Henan Provincial Government and the State Ministry of Education On July 10th, 2000, the new Zhengzhou University was founded through the merger of three universities: Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou University of Technology and Henan Medical University. Zhengzhou University is a comprehensive university with 11 disciplines: science, technology, art, medicine, literature, history, philosophy, law, economics, management, agriculture and education, and the only one of the national “211 project” universities in Henan Province under the administration of both the Henan Provincial Government and the State Ministry of Education, P.R.C. Zhengzhou University has an abundance of resources. The Zhengzhou University now has four main campuses, namely, New Campus, South Campus, Technological Institute and Medical School, occupying an area of 1070 acres (6493 mu), of which the New Campus (located in New High-tech Zone) comprises 799 acres (4845 mu). Construction of the New Campus has a construction budget of 1.97 billion RMB and a total construction area of 1.651 million square meters. Zhengzhou University has a grand running scope and rich faculty resources. At present, the enrolled number of full-time students is over 36,000, with 6,639 graduate students and 342 international students. The Zhengzhou University has a teaching and administrative staff of 5,861 of which 3056 are academic staffs of teaching and research, 15 are academicians with the Chinese Academy of Science and Engineering (among which 3 of them are full-time and 12 are part-time scholars), 529 professors, 1,019 associate professors, 221 Ph.D. tutors, and more than 1,500 Masters Degree tutors. Of the teachers, 960 have Ph.D. degrees that account for 31.4% of the total professional teachers. There are 15 national experts of distinguished contributions, 171 experts are winners of special government allowance, 81 excellent specialists of Henan province, 228 excellent provincial youth backbone teachers, 9 teachers chosen into National hundred ten-million talented people projects, 121 cultivated objects of the new century academic and technical guides. The Zhengzhou University has an established teaching system of quality and solid scientific research condition .The Zhengzhou University consists of 43 schools and departments, 5 affiliated hospitals, offering 86 undergraduate programs, 8 first-degree doctoral programs, 72 second-degree programs, ranging across 6 subjects, 17 first-degree disciplines; 34 first-degree graduate programs, 218 second-degree graduate programs covering 11 disciplines, 51 first-degree subjects, 7 post-doctoral research stations, “ The State Base for Teaching and Research in Fundamental Sciences”, “The State Research Base for Cultural Quality Education of College Students”, 2 national-level key disciplines , 6 key disciplines granted by the national “ 211 project” and 57 provincial key disciplines . There are a variety of 169 scientific organizations, with the State Center for Engineering Research, one State Popularizing Center for Technology Research, 2 key laboratory of the State Ministry of Education, one State Research Base for Clinical Practice of Medicine, 10 provincial key laboratories (Engineering Research Center), 7 higher institutions key discipline open laboratories of Henan Province, one animal experimental center of Henan Province, one key research base for the study of humanities and Social Sciences ( co-sponsored by the State Ministry of Education and Henan Provincial government ) and 9 higher institutions key research bases for the study of humanities and social sciences of Henan Province. The Zhengzhou University is acknowledged for its strong capabilities of fundamental research and applied research as well as for its scientific innovation. Zhengzhou University has a sound and developing infrastructure and the school condition is superior. The National Afforestation Committee has recognized it as one of the top 400 institutions in planting trees. The Zhengzhou University Library contains about 4.2 million volumes, and 1.05 million volumes of electrical books. The Zhengzhou University has its own publishing house, and issues 13 academic journals. Under the university, there are 3 cooperative schools: Shengda Economics Trade and Management College, SIAS International College and College of Physical Education. Zhengzhou University has taken an active part in international academic exchange and cooperation. At present, Zhengzhou University has established a sound exchange relationship with 84 universities from more than 30 countries and regions of the world, mainly from the United States of America, Great Britain, France, Japan, Russia, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Finland, Ukraine, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and districts. The Zhengzhou University focuses on the people, pays attention to the students’ quality in a comprehensive way and has trained a group of qualified graduates for the society. In the areas of the party construction, ideology and political science, teaching, scientific research, medical care, management, students’ work and logistics service, the university has won above-provincial level honor titles many times. Zhengzhou University’s development has received great care and support from the Central Government, State Department of Education, and the Henan provincial government and all the people in Henan Province. The national leaders Jia Qinglin, Li Changcun, Luo Gan, Li Lanqin, members of the Standing Committee of the Central Political Bureau of the CPC Liu Yunshan, etc, have visited Zhengzhou University respectively. The leaders of the State Ministry of Education, Henan Provincial Communist Party Committee, and Henan Provincial Government frequently come to visit the university. Under the care and support of the leaders from the higher level, the Zhengzhou University has achieved trans-normal development in the areas of intellectuals’ cultivation, academic disciplines, faculty, new campus, teaching scientific research, etc. Zhengzhou University insists on scientific and fast development, and centers on the construction of academic disciplines and new campus, optimizes the university’s structure, develops special features, strengthens the innovation system, and enlarges the policy of openness. Zhengzhou University is located in central China where it faces the nation and prepares for the world. The Zhengzhou University is adapting to the economic and social conditions of the country and the region as well. The Zhengzhou University follows the world’s scientific technology and cultural development and fully promotes the Zhengzhou University’s modernization and internationalization and aims to establish a first-class comprehensive university in China, being internationally well known as well, and demonstrating a strong function in the region. Pls visit for more details


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